KCL International Neurosurgical Conference 2019

Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th November 2019



The KCL International Neurosurgical Conference returns for a third year, reconvening medical students and doctors-in-training as the incoming generation of neurosurgery enthusiasts, supported by a global network of the field’s luminaries.

The 2nd annual KCL International Neurosurgical Conference witnessed the attendance of more than 50 faculty members and 100 international delegates. It forged a strong collaborative network with more than 15 corporate sponsors and charities and was graced with the representation from more than 10 leading universities and educational institutes.

This global network received positive faculty testimonials, a testament to the impressive conception, organisation and execution of this symposium. Building on this recognized success of our previous conferences, the conference promises the return of stimulating keynote lectures, practical workshops, neurosurgical simulations employing virtual reality, career-development sessions and teaching scenarios. Our returning and new delegates will find novel opportunities to engage with at the frontiers of neurosurgery.

As ever, we are grateful for the invaluable support of world-renowned consultants and registrars who bring their admirable experience to the conference faculty, in particular, members of the King’s College Hospital Neurosurgery Department, who kindly guide and support the KCL Neurosurgery Society in our endeavours. 


This year’s conference will delineate the frontiers in Global Neurosurgery. Our keynote lectures will target a range of issues of topical importance and our international conference faculty will inspire delegates in themes of: international outreach of global neurosurgery, surgical and technological developments and advancements in the field, and the various sub-specialties.


The 2nd annual International Neurosurgical Conference provided an array of workshops tailored with guidance from trainees and consultant neurosurgeons with industry sponsorship, to facilitate confidence in developing practical neurosurgical experience. With this vision of advocating for early exposure to neurosurgical techniques for delegates, the 3rd annual International Neurosurgical Conference will welcome closely supervised practical workshops with revered manufacturers.